Thursday, December 29, 2005

My "Self Pep Talk"

The more I think about Mary, and spend time with her, the more I have come to realize that I really really do want to kiss her. And the more that I'm getting the feeling that she wants me to. Which is a good feeling. However ...


I mean, I haven't kissed a girl in more than two years. And what Mary and I have going on right now is pretty great. I would hate to read this wrong and screw everything up ... At the same time, I know that you have to take risks. The very act of admitting to yourself that you like someone is a risk. Getting into a relationship is an even bigger risk. But I think that in order to obtain something really great, you have to be willing to risk a lot. (This has been an excerpt from the battle which has been going on inside my head for the last several days...)

So I'm pretty sure that I've talked myself into it. I still feel it necessary to wait for the oportune moment, but I have to make that moment happen. So I'm going to do it! And everything will be fine! Yeah.... I'm just nervous .... that's all ...

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