Thursday, December 15, 2005

My life is a Chick Flick!

Well, pretty much I have figured out where they get the plots for chick flicks. They get them from my life!! Oh sure, they modify them a bit ... and make them cutesier ... but it's all the same.

Classic chick flick plot -- The guy likes this girl, and whenever he's around her, he tries to impress her, or get her to notice him, but he always ends up making an idiot out of himself. Well, THAT'S ME!! They stole that right out of my life! The difference is, that the girl somehow thinks that he's cute for making a fool of himself, and she ends up in love with him ...

OH! Here's another one! The girl and the guy like each other ... then there's some kind of misunderstanding -- the girl gets some false information about the guy. So then she doesn't want anything to do with him ... ALSO from my life!! But, once again, they tweeked the story a little bit. In the movies, she ends up finding out that she was wrong, and everything resolves ...

How about this one : The girl has to pick between two guys. The viewer is rooting for one of them the whole time, because they know that the other one is secretly a jerk. YEP! I've lived it! But in this situation, the difference was that in the movies, she picks the nice guy that treats her like a princess instead of the jerk guy who treats her like crap ... in my life, such was not the case.

SO, now here's the most recent one -- it's almost like the last one. The girl is picking between two guys, and they are BOTH good guys. Well, they changed this one, too. In my life, I was choosing between two great girls. Wow! It sure weighed down on me ... I liked Mary first, but Mary was taken ... Then I liked Tasia ... And I knew that Tasia liked me back. I took her out a couple of times. But the more I got to know her, the more I kind of lost interest. I just didn't really realize that. But then I found out that Mary was not really taken anymore. And Mary is awesome :) But then I had the tough situation. Because I do still care about Tasia (even though my feelings for her have changed ...) and so I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Luckily, this one has a happy ending .... well .... so far anyways. Because I was able to work things through, and Tasia didn't get hurt. So we'll see what happens with Mary now.

But I'll tell you what -- those hollywood screenplay writers owe me something.

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