Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My new girlfriend

Wow -- Mary is great!!

We've spent a lot of time together recently, and I have enjoyed it SO much. The more I get to know Mary, the more I am falling for her. It's pretty awesome. My favorite thing is how we can just sit and talk forever and not get bored of each other. I don't even feel the time go by.

She actually showed me the first 2 blogs that she wrote about me! I had to act surprised ... although someday I know I'll have to tell her how sneaky I am. There is now a total of 3 blogs about me, and I have to say, things are looking good. Could Mary be the one to pull me out of "The Mire" for good? Only time will tell.

We went to see King Kong on Monday with Sammi and Brad. It was an ok movie. I wasn't way into it - but spending the evening with Mary made it worth. However, I was feeling pretty sick-- I had a headache, body aches, sore throat, slight fever -- just all around crappy. She was SO nice to me ... she is such a sweet girl. Yesterday (Tuesday), I hadn't improved at all, so i called in sick to work. She texted me a couple of times during the day, to check on me and see how I was feeling. Then around 8:00 ish, I got a text that said, "Hey, do me a favor ... will you come look on your front porch?" So I went and opened the front door, and there she was!! She put together a "Get-Well-Soon-Kit" (a basket with a bunch of stuff in it : tissues, vitamin C, ecinacea, Sprite, ect., and of course NYQUIL!! lol) So pretty much Mary is the sweetest nicest girl in the world - she drove all the way down from Bountiful to come see me and bring me that because I was sick. What an amazing girl. Too bad I pretty much looked like POO -- I hadn't showered or anything, and I'd been laying around all day. But all is well.

We talked on MSN last night, and she asked me if I consider us boyfriend/girlfriend ... Well I put my neck out on the line and said that I did. To my relief, I believe that's what she was hoping I'd say. So we are officially a couple now. That's a big step.

I haven't kissed Mary yet -- NOT because I haven't wanted to. It's simply because, when I look back, I have had sort of a bad habbit of rushing things. And in retrospect, that could be the reason I've been dumped several times ... I really really like Mary, and I don't want to mess things up with her. So as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, I have to "...wait for the oportune moment".

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