Monday, March 31, 2008

Are we Who's?

So I’m pretty sure that our world might be a spec on a clover that is being carried around by a giant invisible elephant in the sky. Let me explain.

On Saturday night we went to see “Horton Hears a Who” (which by the way was a pretty good show – I liked it). Well, Horton is an elephant who finds a spec which happens to be the home of a vast civilization of tiny people called the Who’s. So he carries it around on a clover until he can find a safe place to put it. Meanwhile, the mayor of Whoville (voiced by Steve Carrell) is the only Who that knows what’s going on. (btw, Microsoft Word thinks I’m making a million grammatical errors for the incorrect use of the word “who”.) He goes to a professor lady and asks her how they would know if their world really was a tiny spec being carried around by a giant elephant. She tells him that they would likely experience radical changes in the weather.

Well, so there you go! Last week Mary and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts, driving around with the windows down, and loving the warm weather. All of a sudden it snows like 6 inches and supposedly it’s supposed to snow twice more this week! So I have a feeling that our giant elephant might be standing too close to the refrigerator.

Or maybe we just live in Utah…