Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Imagine a ballon filled with confetti. The balloon is slowly being inflated, getting larger and larger, and you are standing there anticipating a loud bang and an explosion of confetti into the air. Instead, the balloon springs a small leak somewhere near the neck and the air all goes out slowly, making a flatulant noise as it deflates. That's what it's like.

Almost two years ago, I heard that George Lucas was planning a 4th Indiana Jones movie. The excitement has been building up ever since. As a kid, those were some of my FAVORITE movies of all time! I anxiously awaited the day when this movie would hit theaters. We bought our tickets almost two weeks early. Finally the day came.

And it sucked.

Seriously, I even like Temple of Doom more than this show. The whole plot/story line was absolutely stupid. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you REALLY want to see it, wait until it's out on DVD and rent it. Don't pay $8 to see it in the theaters. It would be a total waste of money (as would renting it, but at least it's LESS money).

I choose to pretend this movie never happened. What a bummer.