Thursday, December 29, 2005

My "Self Pep Talk"

The more I think about Mary, and spend time with her, the more I have come to realize that I really really do want to kiss her. And the more that I'm getting the feeling that she wants me to. Which is a good feeling. However ...


I mean, I haven't kissed a girl in more than two years. And what Mary and I have going on right now is pretty great. I would hate to read this wrong and screw everything up ... At the same time, I know that you have to take risks. The very act of admitting to yourself that you like someone is a risk. Getting into a relationship is an even bigger risk. But I think that in order to obtain something really great, you have to be willing to risk a lot. (This has been an excerpt from the battle which has been going on inside my head for the last several days...)

So I'm pretty sure that I've talked myself into it. I still feel it necessary to wait for the oportune moment, but I have to make that moment happen. So I'm going to do it! And everything will be fine! Yeah.... I'm just nervous .... that's all ...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My new girlfriend

Wow -- Mary is great!!

We've spent a lot of time together recently, and I have enjoyed it SO much. The more I get to know Mary, the more I am falling for her. It's pretty awesome. My favorite thing is how we can just sit and talk forever and not get bored of each other. I don't even feel the time go by.

She actually showed me the first 2 blogs that she wrote about me! I had to act surprised ... although someday I know I'll have to tell her how sneaky I am. There is now a total of 3 blogs about me, and I have to say, things are looking good. Could Mary be the one to pull me out of "The Mire" for good? Only time will tell.

We went to see King Kong on Monday with Sammi and Brad. It was an ok movie. I wasn't way into it - but spending the evening with Mary made it worth. However, I was feeling pretty sick-- I had a headache, body aches, sore throat, slight fever -- just all around crappy. She was SO nice to me ... she is such a sweet girl. Yesterday (Tuesday), I hadn't improved at all, so i called in sick to work. She texted me a couple of times during the day, to check on me and see how I was feeling. Then around 8:00 ish, I got a text that said, "Hey, do me a favor ... will you come look on your front porch?" So I went and opened the front door, and there she was!! She put together a "Get-Well-Soon-Kit" (a basket with a bunch of stuff in it : tissues, vitamin C, ecinacea, Sprite, ect., and of course NYQUIL!! lol) So pretty much Mary is the sweetest nicest girl in the world - she drove all the way down from Bountiful to come see me and bring me that because I was sick. What an amazing girl. Too bad I pretty much looked like POO -- I hadn't showered or anything, and I'd been laying around all day. But all is well.

We talked on MSN last night, and she asked me if I consider us boyfriend/girlfriend ... Well I put my neck out on the line and said that I did. To my relief, I believe that's what she was hoping I'd say. So we are officially a couple now. That's a big step.

I haven't kissed Mary yet -- NOT because I haven't wanted to. It's simply because, when I look back, I have had sort of a bad habbit of rushing things. And in retrospect, that could be the reason I've been dumped several times ... I really really like Mary, and I don't want to mess things up with her. So as Captain Jack Sparrow would say, I have to "...wait for the oportune moment".

Monday, December 19, 2005

A low profile ... BAH!

Things are going great with Mary. She called me yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to go to Temple Square and see the lights -- so we got a decent sized group of people together and went and did that. So I guess I'm going back to the drawing board for a date idea! But it was great.

As far as keeping a low profile within Encore, we've failed miserably. Just about everyone knows that we like each other, and that we're starting to hook up. It was bound to come out sooner or later -- Maybe the holding hands is what tipped them off ... lol Oh well -- as long as we can manage to keep Bro. Keaton from finding out, we should be okay.

Last night, she and I talked on MSN for a while after I got home from Temple Square. It was nice, because we kind of broke the ice. Up until then, we hadn't talked about us liking each other. We just both knew it. Once you get it in the open, it makes things much easier. Mary said that this came at the perfect time in her life -- that she really needed it right now. That makes me feel pretty good. This has got real potential to be something great for both of us.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mary Elizabeth Cleverly

Well, I am pleased to announce that I checked Mary's blog this morning, only to find a new post entitled "Vincent LeGrande Oveson" !! Although my middle name is in fact spelled wrong (it's LeGrand) I'm pretty much stoked about it. It confirmed my suspicions about Mary, and left me without doubts . . .


So this is great news. It's a little tough because serious dating is "Strongly Discouraged" within Encore. However, Bro. K has occasionally joked about that rule. I think of it as more of a guide line ;) . But even so, I can't be overly obvious with Mary -- especially when Tasia is around. That might be a little tough on her - at least for a little while ...

So my next plan of action is to take Mary out. Part of my plans for our big encore Christmas activity was to go to Temple Square and see the lights. But we were delayed at skating, so we didn't end up doing that. So I thought that would be a good date. And I also thought about doing the whole carriage ride thing down town that takes you up through City Creek Canyon. I don't know though ... I'm still deciding. We'll see what I can come up with.

So anyways, I am really excited. I mean, i was excited when Tasia and I liked each other, but even from the beginning, I knew that it wasn't going to turn into anything meaningful. I had my reserves about her all along. But with Mary it's different. Our personalities just go really well together. She's probably the first girl that I would feel comfortable being 100% myself with. And that's a big deal.

Hail Mary!! :D

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My life is a Chick Flick!

Well, pretty much I have figured out where they get the plots for chick flicks. They get them from my life!! Oh sure, they modify them a bit ... and make them cutesier ... but it's all the same.

Classic chick flick plot -- The guy likes this girl, and whenever he's around her, he tries to impress her, or get her to notice him, but he always ends up making an idiot out of himself. Well, THAT'S ME!! They stole that right out of my life! The difference is, that the girl somehow thinks that he's cute for making a fool of himself, and she ends up in love with him ...

OH! Here's another one! The girl and the guy like each other ... then there's some kind of misunderstanding -- the girl gets some false information about the guy. So then she doesn't want anything to do with him ... ALSO from my life!! But, once again, they tweeked the story a little bit. In the movies, she ends up finding out that she was wrong, and everything resolves ...

How about this one : The girl has to pick between two guys. The viewer is rooting for one of them the whole time, because they know that the other one is secretly a jerk. YEP! I've lived it! But in this situation, the difference was that in the movies, she picks the nice guy that treats her like a princess instead of the jerk guy who treats her like crap ... in my life, such was not the case.

SO, now here's the most recent one -- it's almost like the last one. The girl is picking between two guys, and they are BOTH good guys. Well, they changed this one, too. In my life, I was choosing between two great girls. Wow! It sure weighed down on me ... I liked Mary first, but Mary was taken ... Then I liked Tasia ... And I knew that Tasia liked me back. I took her out a couple of times. But the more I got to know her, the more I kind of lost interest. I just didn't really realize that. But then I found out that Mary was not really taken anymore. And Mary is awesome :) But then I had the tough situation. Because I do still care about Tasia (even though my feelings for her have changed ...) and so I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Luckily, this one has a happy ending .... well .... so far anyways. Because I was able to work things through, and Tasia didn't get hurt. So we'll see what happens with Mary now.

But I'll tell you what -- those hollywood screenplay writers owe me something.

And so it begins . . .

Okay, have you ever seen "Hitch"? It's kind of a chick-flick-ish movie with Wil Smith. Anyways, that is where this whole thing started. In that movie, Wil Smith plays the "Date Doctor" - he helps hopeless guys get the ladies that they have a crush on. One of his techniques is that he "google"s people. Or in other words, he types in their first and last name on a Google search, with a few other key words, in order to do his research on the girl, and find out the best approach. Well, when I saw that, I wondered if it would really work. So I tried it out . . .

There's this girl I have a crush on-- Mary. So, a while back, I decided to "google" mary and see what I could find. And ... I hit the Jackpot! Mary has a blog, which she has used almost like an online-diary. So . . . at first I felt like a stalker a little bit. I felt like I was being invasive . . . but then I thought to myself, "Hey! SHE'S the one who posted this stuff on the internet for anyone to see!" However, I was not at all encouraged by what I found out initially. It just confirmed what Gwen had told me... Mary was dating a guy named Spencer. So, I didn't really feel like I could ask her out knowing that. I didn't check her blog for a while ... but recently, when I checked it, I found a blog where she wrote about a DTR that they had, in which they decided to put things off for a while. So I am still figuring out how to approach this -- as you will read, it is a lot more complicated than just that.

Anyways, that's how I found out about Blogger. And so now, if anyone ever decides to "google" me, maybe they'll find this! But actually, I think I covered my tracks a little bit better than Mary.

And so it be written, and so it be done.