Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hurray for Valentine's Day!!

Man, yesterday was the BEST Valentine's Day of my life! :D

I've been SO excited about it for a couple of weeks now, and it couldn't have been better. Well ... maybe if there had been some STARS ... er ... I mean ... visible stars.

Mary really enjoyed the "heart attack". I'm glad she did, because that was a lot of work! And her neighbors wanted to beat me up! But it made her happy, so of course, it was worth it. She actually surprised me, too! When I came out from work, she had written on my car windows with dry-erase markers! I thought it was really cute of her to do that. I was so surprised, because I had only semi-told her where Sorenson is, and somehow she managed to find it. Mary never ceases to amaze.

So ... I felt like a bum (and I have a bum-chin...and I looked like a bum until I went home and shaved... and I have a bum...what a bummer!) because I forgot to make a dinner reservation!! BAAAHH! I just got too wrapped up in the other things and spaced it. But Mary was really sweet about it, and it worked out good because we actually only waited maybe 25 minutes at Applebee's. AND we had the best photographer/waitress ever!

So, our star gazing adventure was thwarted, as the stars were BUT it was still a pretty view of the city, and it was just really nice being up there with Mary. REALLY nice :)

I really loved Mary's gift. She gave me a copy of a book that her mom gave her when she was little. It's a super good book! And what she wrote to me was very sweet. Those are really the best kinds of gifts -- the kind where someone gives you something that's special to them, and then it becomes special to you too!

So, despite the lack of a dinner reservation, and visible stars, it was one of the best nights of my life, and there's no one in the world I would have rather spend it with. Mary really is the greatest girl ever -- which, logically, makes me the luckiest guy in the world! Wow -- I love that girl :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Venting is healthy ... right?

*Deep Breath*

I am super frustrated and stressed right now!! I am so fed up with being sick! I can't stand it anymore. I started feeling much better on Tuesday, but it was just a trick. Yesterday, I guess I caught something new, because now I am totally congested in my chest and nose, and my head hurts, and I'm coughing, and pretty much feeling miserable again. Will I ever get better?

Aside from feeling like poo, I am really stressed about school. I did my portion of the group project for English, and I must say, it's great work. But, can I just say, I HATE GROUP WORK!! I just have some super lazy people in my group. And that's why group work sucks. I worked hard, someone else slacked off, and my grade goes down. BAAH!! So, in order to avoid that, I being the glutton for punishment that I am, volunteered to put together the final presentation. The plan is that everyone is going to send me an outline of their slides, and I will create the final Power Point... yeah right. I'm going to end up doing other people's work for them -- let's face it. I have to turn in the final by friday night at midnight.

I have to take my history test tomorrow. I am not really ready. I'm trying to finish up the dvd's today at work, and then I'll have to find some time to study the text book. I just can't concentrate right now. I'm afraid I'm going to do bad, and I have been trying so hard to take good notes and do my best.

Okay well, for someone who can't stand whining, I seem to be doing a lot of it. But I figure, my blog probably won't get irritated by it.

*Double Sigh*