Monday, January 09, 2006

Getting up to speed ...

I've never been good at writing in a journal .... why should now be any different?

Well lots has happened since I gave myself that pep-talk :

A> I kissed Mary! (several times actually ...) But the first time was the night we had our double date with Patrick and Kristie. I was super nervous, but I guess my self pep talk did the trick.

2> Mary gave me a GREAT surprise -- she told me that she had something for me, but that she wouldn't tell me what it was until the next day when she got off work. So, of course, I was going crazy ALL day with anticipation. She was loving every minute of it. When 4:00 finally came, i was waiting patiently for my phone to ring ... 4:01 ... 4:09 ... 4:13 ... 4:18 ... Finally I couldn't take it any more, so I texted her and asked what was up. She wrote back saying that she was at the doctor and she would call me soon. BAAHH! I was dying. Maybe around 4:45-ish she called me to finally tell me what my surprise was ... She bought me seasons 1 and 2 of my favorite show EVER : Seinfeld!! I was REALLY surprised. I thought that was so nice of her to do that -- totally unexpected. So we watched the first disc that night (since then I've finished all of them :) ). But Mary is definitely the sweetest, most thoughful girl I know.

D> I told Mary that I had been reading her blogs!! I couldn't take it anymore ... whenever she would tell me stuff that I'd already read about ... having to pretend it was news to me ... I felt like I was being deceitful. Luckily, she wasn't upset really. I still feel a little bad about it, but she says that it's fine. I also showed her my blog. So it's possible she's reading this right now. ;)

3> School starts TODAY!! So I'm a little nervous ... kind of excited ... I'm just determined to work really hard. I could just kick myself in the teeth for not working hard in high school. So now, I want to make up for it. That, and if I get all A's, mom and dad will pay my tuition. So that's motivation right there.

Alrighty, well that's my update for now ... I think those are the highlights of the past few days. I'll try and get better at writing ... right ...

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