Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last night, very shortly after Mary and I went to bed, the strangest thing happened. I suppose her eyes were closed, because only I saw it. There is a window in our bedroom, and for about two seconds, it got so bright outside. Like, we're talking noon-day bright. It totally freaked me out! My conversation with Mary went something like this...

Me: WHOA! What the heck was that?!

Mary (sleepy): What was what?

Me: You didn't see that bright light outside?!

Mary: uhh... no.

Me: That was SO bright! What could that have been?!

Mary: Babe, it was probably just someone's headlights.

Me: We're on the 3rd floor! People's headlights don't come through our window! Besides, that was way brighter than headlights...

Mary: I'm sure it was just headlights.

Me: I wanna look out the window... (walks over to the window and peers through the blinds... everything looks normal now.) I don't know what that could've been.

Mary (laughing): Ok babe...

Me: Don't laugh at me... I saw something... that was so weird.

Mary: Ok.

Well, today I saw THIS on A meteor! That's what it was! The story says people reported seeing it from Southern Utah all the way up into Idaho. The video is cool -- several people's surveillance cameras caught it on tape. Just look how bright that is! Headlights... *pshhht*

See, Mary? I'm not crazy.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow, you really think so?

I feel a little gypped by this fortune cookie...

I think someone at the fortune cookie factory is lacking creativity here. I'll be sure and let you guys know if this comes tru... oh... wait... it just happened. And here I thought I'd have to wait until next week.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Too hilarious not to blog...

So, let me just preface this by saying I know that this blog collects a lot of dust. My last post was sometime in February. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that I have no intention of becoming a post-a-day blogger. But in life, occasionally a situation will arise which simply cannot be left un-blogged. And so, I give you this gem.

My plan was to ride my bike to class today, since $125 for a parking pass is a little steep and I live approximately very few minutes away from campus. My bike, however, has two flat tires. Therefore, I opted for the campus shuttle, which conveniently passes right in front of the University Village, and goes directly to the Social Work building (which, of course, is where my accounting class is). It worked out quite nicely, and I arrived at my class 20 minutes early, which is my custom.

Unfortunately, the higher education world is not known for catering to students who work full-time jobs and try to take all their classes in the evening. Thus, campus shuttles stop running at 6:00PM. I therefore requested that my dear spouse pick me up after class. (So I know this may seem lazy, but gimme a break. I go straight to class after work, my class gets out at 9, so I'm looking at about 8 hours since my last meal. No way am I walking home.)

As I sat on the steps in front of the Social Work building, my mind wandered to the Huevos Rancheros that my BFF had agreed to make for dinner, and so I suppose I was a little distracted. I emerged from my dayevening dream and looked up the street. There was the familiar white Hyundai Elantra, just coming around the bend. Since there was a car behind her, I motioned for Mary to go around the corner, so as not to block traffic. I guessed she hadn't seen my gesture, because she stopped at the light (even though it was green) and waited for me. Well, I didn't want to annoy people so I ran to the car and got in...

That is to say, I got halfway in. There was an abundance of miscellaneous crap on the passenger seat and on the floor. I was more than a little irritated, because didn't she know someone would be sitting there very soon?! No, actually. She didn't know. Because "she" was not Mary. She was an extremely frightened Chinese young lady who I'm sure was wondering who this strange man was and why he was getting into her car. I uttered a quick apology, and shut the door as she sped off.

My bad... my bad*.

*Then again... why the heck did she stop at that green light?! I mean, she's really not helping dispel the stereotypes, is she?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

You just never know...

So, a lot of you (and by that I mean most of you) don't know this, but I recently lost my job. The company I worked for (and that Mary still works for) was laying off, and I unfortunately didn't make the cut. Basically business is very slow there right now, and particularly slow for my position there. That, coupled with the fact that a new release of the software had basically made my job obsolete, meant that I was expendable.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset. I was also worried and scared. How would we meet our expenses with only one income? How would I find a job in this struggling economy? It was a constant weight on my shoulders, and I have been really stressed for the last few weeks. During this time, however, I have come to realize just how great I have it. I have such a wonderful support system in my friends and family. EVERYONE wanted to help. So many people tipped me off when they would here about a company that was hiring. Someone called me and let me know about a job fair. Someone called me to tell me that they were just watching TV and a commercial came on saying that Comcast was hiring. Mary was very encouraging and truly kept me going. It really helped just knowing I had so many people to lean on.

As it turns out, the job that I ended up getting is going to be higher paying, and a better location than my previous job. It is practically on campus at the U of U which is where Mary and I are planning to live while I attend school there. PLUS, they offer tuition assistance, which relieves yet another source of my stress. So basically, screw you UFirst.

It's just so interesting to me how all of this worked out. At the risk of using an already overused Mormon cliche, it really turned out to be a blessing in disguise. (why do blessings need to wear disguises? I'm quite sure they would receive a warmer reception if they weren't always running around incognito.) So that's why I say, you just never know. But He does.