Thursday, August 23, 2007

The last straw!

So I've decided that I'm pretty much fed up with restaurants that use the styrofoam cups. I always seem to have trouble with them. Once we were at Fazoli's and when I inserted my straw, I stabbed a hole right through the cup. It instantly sprang a leak, squirting lemonade all over the table.

Today, we ate at Sonic between classes. You know those tables that they put outside that are a kind of metal mesh? I don't know how else to describe them (see image)...
Anyways... They use the kind of ice that is like a bunch of little pellets. So, I was having a hard time getting my straw to the bottom of the cup so that I could enjoy the last few swallows of Dr. Pepper. I guess I pushed a little too hard, and my straw punctured the bottom of my cup. Thanks to the wonderful meshy design of the table, the last bit of my drink leaked through the table, and right INTO my shoe... So you can imagine how comfortable that was.

So that's it, I've had it! No more styrofoam cups for me. Can't handle it.


mary elizabeth said...

You forgot to mention that when you poked a hole in your cup at fazzoli's that I nobley (is that spelled right?) held the hole over my mouth so it would stop gushing everywhere.

I think I am quite the hero.

And yes, you shouldn't be allowed to have those cups anymore. But I love you!

Scott and Ashley said...

Man, I know what you mean. It's like people got together with the specific purpose of inventing a ridiculously flimsy material to make cups out of. And they succeeded in a big way. What's wrong with plastic?!