Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dang Strep! What did I do to YOU?!

Well, I have strep again. Pretty much, I'd like to know what the evil strep virus has against me! Can't it just leave me alone? I'm trying to make it obvious that it's NOT welcome in my body. You'd think that it would take a hint -- I mean, every time it shows up, I try and kill it with antibiotics. Let's suppose it were me. If every time I showed up at a person's house, they tried to kill me, I probably would quit going there. But then, I'm no virus.

The doctor, who by the way was hilarious, said that if I get strep again this year, then I will definitely need to get my tonsils out. So that sounds like loads of fun. Sammi had hers out when she was little, and said it felt like she was swallowing razor blades for about a week. The doctor said that a tonsilectomy is particularly rough on adults. How encouraging. On the other hand, basically all your tonsils are good for is to make you sick. They just sit and collect bacteria and get infected. So I'd probably be much better off without them anyway. The problem is finding a time to do it. I'd have to miss work. And school. We'll see what happens.

The good news is, I have awesome people who take care of me. Shannon massaged my back for me yesterday, mom went to the doctor with me, and she and dad made me food. Mary came over and kept me company last night, too. I feel really lucky to have a girlfriend that truly cares about me so much. It makes me feel good, even if I feel like poo physically.

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