Thursday, February 02, 2006

Venting is healthy ... right?

*Deep Breath*

I am super frustrated and stressed right now!! I am so fed up with being sick! I can't stand it anymore. I started feeling much better on Tuesday, but it was just a trick. Yesterday, I guess I caught something new, because now I am totally congested in my chest and nose, and my head hurts, and I'm coughing, and pretty much feeling miserable again. Will I ever get better?

Aside from feeling like poo, I am really stressed about school. I did my portion of the group project for English, and I must say, it's great work. But, can I just say, I HATE GROUP WORK!! I just have some super lazy people in my group. And that's why group work sucks. I worked hard, someone else slacked off, and my grade goes down. BAAH!! So, in order to avoid that, I being the glutton for punishment that I am, volunteered to put together the final presentation. The plan is that everyone is going to send me an outline of their slides, and I will create the final Power Point... yeah right. I'm going to end up doing other people's work for them -- let's face it. I have to turn in the final by friday night at midnight.

I have to take my history test tomorrow. I am not really ready. I'm trying to finish up the dvd's today at work, and then I'll have to find some time to study the text book. I just can't concentrate right now. I'm afraid I'm going to do bad, and I have been trying so hard to take good notes and do my best.

Okay well, for someone who can't stand whining, I seem to be doing a lot of it. But I figure, my blog probably won't get irritated by it.

*Double Sigh*

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