Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LDS Scriptures App!

Every time I've gotten a new gadget or smartphone, one of the first things I look for is some way to get my scriptures (hereby referred to as "scrips") on it.  Its nice because usually said gadget/smartphone is something I have with me wherever I am at, whereas I don't typically pack my quad around with me.  So when I got my new Android phone (the HTC Incredible -- and yes, it lives up to it's name), I set out to get the scrips on it right away.  In the past, I've used eBook readers with eBook versions of the standard works.  But this is not always very convenient.  When you're looking for a specific scripture or verse, it can be hard to navigate to it.  Usually in Sunday school, by the time I'd get to it, the teacher would have moved on.

This time, my friends, I struck gold (plates...)!

I found an app that is really amazing.  It's designed for scripture study -- not just reading.  It comes with the standard works, bible dictionary, topical guide, footnotes (complete with hyperlinks that take you right to the verse they reference), the Hymns, Manuals, Conference talks, etc., etc., etc.!  Everything you might want or need either comes with the app or is available for free via download!  It also includes features like highlighting, adding your own notes, autoscroll, and lots more.  I really like it a lot!  Screenshots:

The Android app (which is what I use, since Android is totally the best mobile OS!) costs $14.95 and is totally worth the price.  The app is also available for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.  Go get it!  (here)

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