Monday, April 14, 2008


Mary and I were eating at Arby's the other day, when I noticed something that struck me funny. Here's a picture :

Now, I've seen trash cans that say "Thank You" before, which seems to make more sense to me. the establishment is thanking the customer for "trashing their trash" (as a friend likes to put it). But here, it almost felt like the trash cans were pleading with me. "Please sir... couldn't you spare just a little trash... please?" So I, being the charitable person that I am, donated three-fourths of a nasty chicken sandwich... should have just ordered the roast beef... Just thought it was kind of silly.


mary elizabeth said...

"please sir...i NEED your trash. otherwise, i don't know what will become of me"

silly trash can. you know, you don't need to plead with us. we will throw our trash in you when we have some. no need to worry.

mary elizabeth said...

oh, and i think the "..." is definitely a nice touch.