Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm Grateful Too...

As I was reading everyone else's list of things they're thankful for, I realized that my list would have a lot of the same things on it. But I would be very ungrateful if I didn't stand here and thank... (oh, wait... this isn't fast and testimony meeting... and incidentally, I HATE when people start off their testimonies like that... It's a TESTImony, not a THANKimony. So TESTIFY!) But I digress... Anyway, I decided to write my list regardless of the fact that many of these things have already been mentioned. This should be interesting, since I am so far behind. In order to catch up, I'll need to list 27 things today... HERE GOES!!

I Am Thankful For :
  1. my wife -- she is my best friend, and we have SO much fun together. She's a nice wife.
  2. a good job where I have great co-workers.
  3. health insurance. We still get excited whenever we remember that we have insurance now!
  4. my iPod. It helps me get through the day.
  5. audiobooks. I may not like to read very much, but I do enjoy a good book!
  6. the Jazz beating the Sonics tonight -- it's embarrassing that it was so close, but it would have been terrible to lose.
  7. nice parents who are letting us live at their house.
  8. milk.
  9. my sisters -- they are some of my best friends.
  10. excedrine.
  11. being able to make my wife laugh.
  12. my dad, who yells at the TV while watching sports just as much as I do, AND understands wanting to watch whatever college football game happens to be on.
  13. The Office -- it's gotta be the funniest show on television.
  14. my other favorite shows: CSI, Shark, Life, and of course, 24.
  15. mary's ability to find the exact spot on my back that itches, and scratch it for me.
  16. weekends.
  17. being back in a good ward.
  18. Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
  19. my friends -- I couldn't ask for better ones.
  20. music.
  21. my in-laws. Marrying into such a big family was a little intimidating, but I really like everyone.
  22. all of my nieces and nephews.
  23. all of the people who are serving our country in the armed forces.
  24. being able to go to school.
  25. the gospel in my life.
  26. all of the great experiences from my mission.
  27. the temple.

Well, I know the list is pretty random, but those are the first 27 things that came to mind. So now I'm all caught up!

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