Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Playing Catch Up ...

Okay ... I'm pretty much the worst blogger in the world... so it's been a little while.

Vince's Top 10 Events since March 2nd (the date of my last blog...) :
--Please note that these events are not listed in chronological order--
--Please also note that these are not all necessarily GOOD events... just TOP events--

10- I got a new job!! I am going to start work at Clean Machine on Monday the 27th! Hooray! Although the hourly pay is a little bit less than what I make at Sorenson, I will actually be making more money when you factor in the money I'll save on gas, food, plus monthly bonus checks. So, YAY! To celebrate, I've been doing whatever the crap I feel like doing at Sorenson. Some of my favorite activities are hanging up on scammers and people that tick me off, talking trash to the scammers and prank callers, and even pretending to BE a scammer when I get a scammer ... if that confused you, just imagine how THEY must feel! :D

9- I went to see Aida with my cute girlfriend Mary. It was SO good! I was impressed that Hale Theater could pull it off, because when I saw it at the Capital Theater, it was such a huge production. The choreography was scaled down quite a bit, but I really enjoyed how they did it. It was really fun to see it with Mary because she hadn't ever seen it before. Oh ... and I saw my math teacher there.

8- I got 100% on my math test!! YES!! I do admit that I was a little nervous about this one... When I got home from taking it, there were 3 problems that I was really unsure about. But YAY because I got 100%!

7- I cut my hair short again ... not WAY exciting I guess, but it's something. I kind of like it better short. But then I have to gel it, which means that Mary can't play with it as much ... which is NOT a good thing ...

6- I went snowboarding for the first time in about 3 years (4th time overall...). I had kind of a rough start, but then I started remembering stuff, and I started doing pretty well! I even took some of the little side-trails through the trees, where there's little jumps and stuff to go on. But THEN, I got a little TOO confident. I saw a guy go off a jump, and it looked like it was about 4 feet high or so. So I decided to try it. Well, first off, I was going TOO fast. And second, it was more like 6 or 7 feet. The thing is, I didn't realize that until I was in the air! So I freaked out, and I over rotated, and I ended up landing mostly on my wrist and shoulder. It hurt pretty bad... but I'm not broken. Overall, it was really fun - I hope I get a chance to go again this season!!

5- Spring Break!! Wow, it was super fun! We went up to Park City and stayed at Dani's time-share condo. There was a pretty good sized group there each night, but the only ones that were there the WHOLE time were me, Mary, Spenser, and Dani. It was so nice to just have a break from work and school. So Mary and I decided that they should make spring break a month long.

4- I got some BAD pain ... umm ... manly pain to put it mildly... so I had to go to the doctor which was about my worst trip to the doctor EVER!! Because I hate it when I have to drop my pants at the doctor... and also ... I hate having the doctor poking around down there... But the worst part was, they gave me a shot. I really really hate shots, and I always get a little uneasy. So the nurse told me to go out and sit with my dad in the waiting room for a few minutes to make sure I didn't have a reaction to the shot. So I went and sat by my dad, and I don't remember much after that. I totally passed out. I woke up on some table with 2 nurses and the doctor hovering over me... It was about the worst feeling of my life. I was quite embarassed.

3- I spoke in church. I really really like speaking! I don't know why. But I just think it's pretty fun. It was really nice-- Mary came to hear me, and she stayed for the rest of church with me. I was really glad to have her there.

2- Two of my BEST friends died!! My friend Edgar Styles was killed by Sintox Nerve Gas from a terrorist attack at CTU. And then my friend Tony Almeida was murdered by an ex-CTU agent who was helping the terrorists! It's been pretty rough on me... I'm still in the mourning process. Those were brave men. God rest their souls.

1- umm ... I ... uh.... I love my girlfriend!!

So there it is everyone! And now I believe I am back on track! So now I will probably let another month go by ... I just can't seem to make a habbit out of this. But I try. I just found out yesterday that uh ... I don't have a left arm.... Def Leopard.


mec said...

Hi! I love you! Ok, cool.

~SpEnSe said...

Oh man, I hope I never have to 1.)go to the doctor with a problem "down there" and 2.)get a shot for a problem down there!!
That sucks.