Sunday, January 15, 2006

Crazy girl!!

So, back in like September, I met a girl at work named Emily Florence. Well, I was a little interested in her, so I took her our a couple of times. I treated her as nice as I could -- as I would any other girl, but after our second date, I had pretty much decided I wasn't going to take her out again. Honestly, our second date may have been the lamest date I've been on. Well, there was also this guy from work named Trevor Nancollas, who happens to be in my stake. And he was also interested in Emily. And as it happened, apparently she was interested in him, too. So the Monday following our second date, she was really strange with me. She barely acknowledged me at work, and acted like I had done something wrong. I thought it was strange behavior, but I wasn't too upset, since I wasn't interested in her anymore. A couple days later, I was at my stake center for the ward Halloween party, and I saw her there with Trevor holding hands. So, yeah, I felt a little awkward, but I was fine with it. And that was the end of that .... or so I thought.

The strange thing is, she still acts like I did something offensive, or mistreated her in some way. At work, she is a team lead, and no less than 3 times a week, she tries to get me in trouble for something. I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what I might have done to make such an enemy, but I can't come up with anything. One of her favorite things to get after me for is having an IM window up behind my call screen while I'm on a call. Well, I asked MY team lead about it, and she said that it's fine, as long as I'm not sending instant messages while I'm on a call.

So yesterday, like always, Emily came up and told me to minimize it. So I did, but when I got off the call, I sent her an instant message explaining that I had talked to my own TL about it and she said that it wasn't a problem. And I asked her to please quit telling me that now. Well, she didn't write back, but a few minutes later, I got called into Richie's (the call center manager) office. He told me that she had come to him and said that I was giving her attitude about it, and he said that I should just minimize it from now on to avoid problems. So I said that I would, but I also told him that Emily doesn't like me and that's probably why she made such a big deal out of this. He asked if I would like him to talk to her about it, but I told him no. Why add more fuel to the fire? So I went back to my station. A couple minutes later, Gwen (who sits right by his office) sent me an IM saying that Emily just went into Richies office and they were talking about me in there. I'm guessing he talked to her about what I said even though I asked him not to. Because a couple minutes later, she sent me an IM in which she said, "Vince, I'm sorry I hurt your pride. You can b**ch at me all you want out side of work. But try and curb your attitude here in the work place." Well, I was already fuming, but that just put me over the top. Where did she come off talking to me like that?! I probably should have just let it go, but I asked Richie to come over and I showed him what she wrote to me. A couple minutes later we were both called to the conference room. She was faker than a 3 dollar bill in there. She acted like, "I don't know why he's got a problem with me. I feel bad that there's hard feelings. etc." I just pretty much kept my mouth shut because I was afraid I'd only make things worse for myself.

So anyway, I don't know what's wrong with Emily. If you ask me, she's not altogether. I hope that she doesn't cause any more problems for me at work. I've worked so hard to get on managment's good side.

One thing is for sure -- I really dodged the bullet on this one. I'm so glad that nothing worked out with Emily. Who knows but what I might not even be dating Mary right now if things had worked out with Emily. And that would be unfortunate. As Gwen put it, "Mary is LEAGUES above Emily." So true. I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend than Mary Cleverly.

Probably me and Pat will do something to Emily's car . . . maybe . . .

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